Semalt Provides 4 Tips To Find Reliable Data Extraction Services Online

Data extraction is the continuous process – the more we try to master it, the more would be our chances of getting a clear picture of the constantly market and its ever-changing trends. It's safe to mention that there are bundles of data extraction services on the net, some of which are suitable for enterprises while the others are best for individual programmers and content curators. Companies, whether small or large, use these data extraction or web scraping services to gather useful information from the web, to target the potential customers, to devise or implement the pertinent sales and the marketing techniques, and to develop or promote their products or services on the internet. Here we have shared some tips to find a reliable data extraction service online.

Tip#1: Identify Your Business Goals:

First of all, you should identify your business goals and get the clear picture of what you want to achieve tomorrow. For instance, if you have developed an e-commerce website, you may want to extract data from sites like eBay, Alibaba, and Amazon. To target, such websites,, Kimono Labs and Octoparse are the most suitable tools. But you should not opt for a data extraction service until you are clear about your business goals and outcomes.

Tip#2: Choose a data extraction service wisely:

The data extraction process is divided into different branches, and you should choose a data extraction service according to your requirements and expectations. For instance, your main prerequisite should be to obtain email addresses and phone numbers of the potential customers for online marketing. To gather this data, Email Extractor is the right tool. With this service, you can easily extract phone and fax numbers, and email addresses of your customers and can target the potential clients all over the world. Once this data is collected, you can export it to CSV or JSON files and initiate a marketing campaign instantly.

Tip#3: Mine More and More Information on the Internet:

There is a large volume of information on the web, and you should use the reliable data extraction services to mine more data. This will help you stay in the competition and will give you an idea of what type of keywords are being targeted. Plus, you can have an idea of what Google likes the most and how it ranks different websites. A data scraping service like Mozenda can help you scrape data and index your site in a better way. Businessmen and organizations must increase their overall scope of data extraction, should crawl more and more web pages on a daily basis, and obtain more insights of the current market trends.

Tip#4: Access your data quality:

Last but not the least, you should regularly access or monitor the quality of your data. Make sure your web content is readable and scalable. Plus, it should be engaging and attractive for your readers so that they are turned into happy customers. Usually, you will have to scrape data on a regular basis and will have to check it before publishing on your own website. The samples can be collected from the internet to monitor the quality of data. Services like ScrapeHero provide an option to collect different samples for free, which you can use to evaluate your data quality.

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